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White Privilege

You want to know the reason why I dislike it? Because it’s based on this assumption that all white people will have these certain rights over POC, because the color of their skin, not the level of success, or anything else. People also don’t seem to understand that white privilege is a theory, not a fact.

Because I don’t get how we have white privilege, when black people can get certain scholarships for their skin color, but we cannot. They even have a law that make universities/jobs enroll/hire a certain percentage of African-Americans, even if others were more qualified. Not to mention there are entire channels, magazines, history book, a month, etc dedicated to African-Americans. Yes, we tend to see more white people in channels, magazines, movies, etc, but we’re the majority, so isn’t that bound to happen? This is not a privilege of being white.

White privilege just seems like another way to guilt and shame white people for the color of their skin. I do not believe in white privilege, and that doesn’t mean I’m racist.

There’s no scholarships for being white? Are you sure, cuz here’s a big list of them:

  • Pulaski Merit Scholarships - Polish
  • Abraham Fellowship - Jewish
  • Mitchell Scholarships - Irish
  • Irish American Scholarship Fund
  • UWM Polish-American Scholarship
  • Association of Italian American Charities Dr. Frank C. Marino Memorial Scholarship
  • Polish-American FREEDOM FOUNDATION Lane Kirkland Scholarship Program
  • Trans-Canada Alliance of German-Canadians - Scholarship
  • Jewish War Veterans National Scholarship Program
  • Walter N. and Frances Hnatiuk Scholarship - Ukranian
  • The Kosciuszko Foundation’s Tuition Scholarships for Polish Americans
  • Marinelli Scholarship - Italian
  • Irish-American Scholars Program
  • Starkoff Fellowship- Jewish
  • Polish-American Congress Scholarship
  • Augustus Society Italian Scholarships
  • Kosciuszko Foundation Tuition Scholarship - Polish
  • Deutscher Brüderliche Bund Scholarship - German
  • Petryshyn Memorial Scholarship - Ukranian
  • Norman R. Peterson Italian Scholarship
  • Ethel Marcus Memorial Fellowship - Jewish
  • Polish Scholarship Fund, Inc.
  • National Italian American Foundation Assunta Luchetti Martino
  • Scholarship for International Studies
  • Anna and Charles Stockwitz Fund - Jewish
  • Charles and Louise Rosenbaum Scholarship Loan Fund - Jewish
  • B’nai Brith Women of Greater Hartford Scholarship
  • Massachusetts Federation of Polish Women’s Clubs Scholarships
  • Jewish Social Service Agency of Metropolitan Washington
  • Levie Educational Fund Scholarship - Jewish
  • American Council for Polish Culture Scholarship Challenge Grant
  • George L. Graziado Fellowship for Business - Italian
  • Marcus and Theresa Levie Educational Fund - Jewish
  • The Roothbert Fund - Jewish
  • Polish American Club Scholarship
  • Jewish Foundation for Education of Women Scholarship
  • Jewish War Veterans of the USA - Scholarship
  • National Italian American Foundation George L. Graziado Fellowship for Business
  • National Italian American Foundation Merrill Lynch Scholarship
  • Jewish Welfare Board Scholarship
  • Amelia Greenbaum Scholarship Fund - Jewish
  • National Italian American Foundation National Italian American Foundation
  • National Italian American Foundation Alexander Defilippis Scholarship
  • Encouragement Scholarship -Jewish
  • Vincent Viceglia Fellowship- Italian
  • Free Sons of Israel - Jewish Scholarship
  • Polish American Arts Association Scholarship
  • Frank L. Weil Memorial Scholarship - Jewish
  • Adele Kagen Scholarship Fund - Jewish
  • National Italian American Foundation Bolla Wines Scholarship
  • Rhode Island Polonia Scholarship

Pretty much every TV channel, magazine, and month is dedicated to White people. EVERY history book we learn about in school is about White people and their White history, while the only time we learn about Black history, which is the history that ACTUALLY shaped this country, is during the tiny month of February. And yeah, you’re really fucking racist.

Ummm, I don’t think you understand how Affirmative Action worlds, OP. You can’t just get a scholarship because of the color of your skin. Nice try though. Also, yes Privilege Theory is a theory. However, by your tone, it seems you are confusing the term “theory” with the word “idea.” Theories are tested, have a high amount of evidence, and are things that are GENERALLY ACCEPTED BY THE SCHOLASTIC COMMUNITY. Gravity is a theory. Psychodynamics is a theory. Do we accept these things as being fact, because they are the closest we can get to the facts of a construct? Yes. Yes we do. 

White privilege does not mean that all white people will have fantastic, easy lives. Fuck, I am white and my life has NOT been easy, especially since I am a gay American. Yet, even though my life has not been EASY, it has been PRIVILEGED. 

I have grown up being influenced by a society that portrays people like me as heroes, as beautiful, as leaders, and as role models. I have never been oppressed because of the color of my skin. I don’t have hundreds of years of a violent history against my people withheld from me. I have not been villainized and vilified because I have light skin. 

And last, but most certainly not least, yes, your little rant DOES make you quite racist.

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It isn’t about feeling guilty for being white, it’s about motivating yourself and other white people to stand up against a culture which permits the murder of people of color to go unreported and blames them for getting angry about it. Not to mention the wage gap, stigmas perpetuated about people of color, misrepresentation in the media, etc. If the aforementioned pisses you off less than being asked to shut up and listen or admit that white privilege does exist, you have a serious problem.

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The Paralysis of White Privilege

A friend posted this on Facebook. I bet the author of this article thinks she is really doing a good job and is trying to inspire activism. But lord, oh, lord. My dear POC, I apologize for this white woman. Really, I do.